Details make the difference

Details make the difference

A minuscule difference – a few hundredths of a second – often means winning or losing in equestrian sport. The difference is in the details. As a top athlete, you are always striving for perfection. Both you and your horse, giving everything at the right moment. In this article, we delve deeper into the specific needs of top sports horses. And we’ll discuss the products in our “High Performance” line.

Horses have enormous athletic ability and are capable of incredibly strenuous work. It is important to understand the pressure exerted on your horse’s body when it is performing at its best. The physical impacts can be enormous. There is energy that must be released quickly, there is pressure on the muscles and joints, and toxins that need to be eliminated. Top performance is the result of many internal processes happening simultaneously.

High level performance

For a horse to perform, it needs energy, protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and water. This basic foundation gives the horse’s body sufficient energy to function at rest and/or in light work. Horses that perform harder work, especially at high levels, need something extra. The difference is in the details:

  • The right energy
  • High quality protein (with good amino acid composition)
  • Extra vitamins

Top performance is often defined as performing at top levels of competition. Nothing could be further from the truth. Top performance in horses means that they are working at a level that is challenging for them. This kind of work demands extra effort from their bodies and increases their need for certain nutrients, for example antioxidants that protect the organism from overload, or B vitamins that support energy metabolism.

What’s different about a horse has to work at the top of its game?

Performance is an individual matter, so let’s discuss why some horses need that little bit extra.

  • Strenuous work causes friction in the joints, resulting in micro-tears in the tissue. These in turn can cause changes to the synovial fluid and lead to lameness.
  • Overload causes oxidative stress in the muscles and joints. The free radicals released in the process must be neutralised so that they cannot cause damage such as diluted synovial fluid, resulting in friction in the joint. This can lead to damage to the cartilage.
  • Horses need energy to perform. Good nutrition is essential for energy, but also for metabolism, blood circulation, and the lymphatic system, all of which are important for performance
  • Stress and nervousness can have negative impacts on performance. Make sure that your horse is focused and relaxed!
  • Hours of travel followed by days of competition can take a toll on the immune system. A lurking infection can be an invisible impediment to your horse’s performance.

It is important to understand the strain on your horse’s body when it is delivering top performance

Cavalor High Performance supplements for your horse

Horses performing at the top of their game can benefit from extra support at these peak times. The supplements in the Cavalor High Performance line are specially developed for top sport horses. They provide your horse with just that little extra, because again, the difference is in the details. Below, we explain the differences between products in our High Performance line.

Pow’Red Performance vs Peak Performance

These two supplements were both developed to promote condition and performance. Both increase stamina. But how do they differ, and which supplement is more suitable for what kind of horse?

Pow’Red Performance is a vitamin/mineral mix. Its ingredients are not an quick energy source but they play an important role in energy supply. For example, they improve the transport of red blood cells. Pow’Red Performance is ideal for horses that have just started training or are returning to work after recovery.

Peak Performance is a fairly new player in the High Performance range. It contains different ingredients than Pow’Red Performance. A balanced ration can provide the horse with sufficient vitamins and minerals it needs to perform at its best. The ingredients in Peak Performance focus on three bodily processes:

  1. Blood circulation
  2. Lymphatic system
  3. Respiratory system

It improves the horse’s metabolism, promoting optimum performance. The lymphatic system, often overlooked, is essential for performance. It plays an important role in the defence against diseases and infections, clears away waste products, and keeps body tissue fluid levels in balance. A well-functioning lymphatic system ensures a faster recovery time.

Give your horse Pow’Red Performance for:

  • Building condition
  • Restarting training after rest or recovery
  • Optimising the ration through vitamins and minerals

Give your horse Peak Performance for:

  • An extra fitness boost for horses with good basic condition
  • Fighting fatigue
  • Competing in multi-day events
  • Swollen legs, little motivation to work, minor injuries

Take It Easy vs Take It Easy Forte

Let’s now look at two key players in Cavalor’s “calming programme”. These two supplements help to promote focus and prevent/reduce stress. The difference can be seen in their names: the effects are the same, but Take It Easy Forte is the stronger version. We’ll explain the ingredients that make the difference. Both products contain:

  • L-tryptophan (for calming effects)
  • B vitamins (support metabolism)
  • Magnesium (helps to relax muscles)

Take it Easy Forte contains added essential oils. Every horse reacts differently to stress, but these various oils help different types of horses in different situations. 

Give your horse Take It Easy for:

  • Relieving mild stress
  • Relaxing effects

Give your horse Take It Easy Forte for:

  • Relieving stronger stress
  • Making fear “disappear”
  • Gaining focus

Arti Motion vs ArtiTec

Finally, let’s compare two products that support joints and tendons. Arti Motion contains zinc, copper, and manganese to support bones. It also contains important components for joints and tendons including glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. And it has vitamin C for natural protection. Now let’s look at ArtiTec. ArtiTec is the result of 7 years of scientific research on optimum nutritional supplements for healthy tendons and joints in top-class sport horses. This research sought the best combination of herbs that have synergistic and positive effects on overload. Important components that promote recovery were also added, including MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.

Give your horse Arti Motion when: 

  • You want a complete supplement to maintain healthy joints
  • You have an older horse with damaged cartilage

Give your horse ArtiTec when:

  • You want protection during exertion and strain
  • You are focused on injury prevention
  • Your (top) sport horse is at higher risk of free radical formation 

Muscle Motion vs LactaTec

We conclude with two supplements for healthy muscles: Muscle Motion and LactaTec. Muscle Motion is often compared with other vitamin E products in the market. At Cavalor, we don’t believe in helping a horse with just one ingredient. That’s why Muscle Motion contains MSM, manganese, magnesium, and B vitamins to keep equine muscles supple. Muscle Motion also contains antioxidants such as vitamin E, selenium, vitamin C – and more. It’s the perfect supplement for maintaining healthy muscles and protecting them from damage.

LactaTec is based on Muscle Motion, but contains higher doses of antioxidants and amino acids for faster recovery. This makes LactaTec more suitable for horses performing at high levels and making high demands of their muscles. LactaTec helps muscles feel more flexible, its essential oils have relaxing effects, and it ensures improved oxygen supply to the muscles.

Give your horse Muscle Motion for:

  • Muscles under heavy strain
  • Maintaining healthy muscles

Give your horse LactaTec for:

  • Muscles that must deliver top performance (very hard work)
  • Promoting muscle function
  • Protecting your horse’s muscles
  • Delaying acidification
  • Speeding up recovery

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