Paste v. Powder

The difference between a supplement in powder form and a supplement in the form of a paste is rather important and depends on different things.

Paste-supplements are well absorbed because they have ingredients that are water soluble. But when it comes to fat-soluble ingredients, a substance is needed to mix them.

There are limitations, because not all ingredients can be used in the form of a paste. You administer it directly into the mouth, which could require more effort, but you are certain that they will be absorbed correctly.

Which to choose?

The choice between a paste and powder depends on different situations. In general, powder is easier for daily use at home, while paste is practical during contests.

Horses might eat fussier in a new environment, so a better solution might be to give them paste. its dosage is easy and precise, without influencing the taste of the feed. Pastes are ideal as a last minute “booster” because of their high concentrations of quicky available ingredients and the synergistic effect between them.

Because of the ease of administering, even outside of feeding times, pastes are a convenient choice for situation when you want to react quickly. Besides, you do not have to mix a paste with feed, which also promotes a faster intake. A precise dosing also ensures that your horse receives exactly the amount needed.

understanding is key

A supplement in the form of a paste, you are probably familiar of that. You may not have thought about it before, but there is quite an extensive (and scientific) approach behind the development of a product in the form of a paste.

Easy administration, precise dosage and optimal digestion are all considerations that determine the choice of using paste instead of powder. At Cavalor we just love pastes and in this article we would gladly explain all the research behind the usage of supplements in the form of a paste.

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