Get Ready for Spring...

Get Ready for Spring...


Spring is coming! That means that horses can spend more time outdoors, and more time at pasture. When transitioning from stable to pasture, your horse’s diet changes too. More fresh spring grass. Did you know that grass produces fructan as a source of energy? In principle, normal quantities of fructan are not a risk for healthy horses. However, fructan can cause horses that are sensitive to sugar to suffer considerably.

We must also consider the external challenges insects pose to horses and prepare to mange that.

We have several blog articles with tips, along with some great products below to help your horse transition from Winter to Spring in comfort.


Helpful Tips

Changing coat is a metabolically challenging time for a horse. Some will manage with few external signs but others will become down, the coat dull and even begin to itch. Sports horses may see a drop in their performance levels.

As soon as you notice any signs offer the horse a course of Cavalor Hepato Liq

Ease your horse into spring by gradually transitioning their feed from winter concentrates to fresh spring pasture to avoid digestive upset.

Cavalor Vitaflora is perfect to help your horse maintain a healthy hind gut

Cavalor emergency 911 can help with loose droppings

Keep a close eye on your horse's weight during the transition, adjusting feed quantities as needed to maintain optimal body condition.

Cavalor Silhouette is specially formulate for horses that gain a little too much condition but still require additional nutrients

Warmer weather means increased sweating. Ensure your horse has access to clean, fresh water at all times to prevent dehydration.

Supplementing with additional electrolytes is always a good idea for horses that are in work.

Schedule a dental check-up to ensure proper chewing and digestion, crucial for processing new spring forage

Slowly introduce your horse to increased turnout time on spring pastures to prevent laminitis and other grazing-related issues.

Read more about the important of the timing of grazing in this blog post : Spring Grass & Fructans

As temperatures fluctuate, adjust your horse's blanketing accordingly to keep them comfortable without overheating

With warmer weather comes increased parasite activity. Stay vigilant with deworming protocols tailored to your horse's needs

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