Hooves - Horse Hoof Care & Supplements from Cavalor Direct

Hooves - Horse Hoof Care & Supplements from Cavalor Direct


“No hoof, no horse.” It may be a cliché, but that doesn’t make it less true. Are you expecting top performance from your horse? It all begins at the hooves. Their state of health won’t just determine your horse’s performance, it also influences its general well-being.

We will provide some tips to keep your horse’s hooves in shape and prevent problems such as brittle hooves, tender soles and dry feet.


Let’s start with stable management. Three things are of the essence here:

Enough movement. Movement stimulates hooves’ functioning and ensures good circulation.

A healthy weight. Overweight horses place a far greater burden on their hooves than horses within a healthy weight range.

A clean stable. In dirty stables, the horse’s urine can combine with the bedding to produce high levels of ammonia. Ammonia makes hooves softer and therefore weaker

understanding is key

Hooves grow slowly, only averaging a centimetre a month. A balanced diet, possibly in combination with nutritional supplements, can greatly improve hoof growth and quality. Hooves need proteins, energy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and trace elements.

Does your feed contain all these in the right quantities? Then there’s no need for supplements.

However, if your horse is not obtaining these nutrients in sufficient quantity or at all, supplements can be a good idea.


Make sure your horse’s feed provides beneficial nutrients in the right quantities and proportions.

Are you concentrating on just one nutrient? This will never impact the quality of the hooves in a noticeable way.

Supplements that contain one ingredient alone will not work.

For instance copper strengthens the hoof’s outer wall, helps protect hoof cell membranes and contributes to the formation of keratin, a very important protein. Zinc also plays a role in keratin formation, as well as supporting the reproduction and repair of cells in the hoof and hoof wall. Selenium protects the hoof’s cell membranes. Be careful with selenium, though; too much will actually cause hoof problems. Furthermore, an overdose can endanger your horse.

tips to keep your horse healthy

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