Start to Cavalor – everything you want to know about Cavalor feeds

Start to Cavalor – everything you want to know about Cavalor feeds

Good health starts from the inside. Your horse’s health rests on a diet tailored to his needs. Cavalor’s focus is on good health, inside and out. Our products – feeds, supplements and care products – reflect a horse’s needs for every sport, life stage or special requirement. In this article, we will take you through Cavalor’s philosophy and the choices we make for our Cavalor feeds.

Roughage – in the form of forage – is by far the foundation of every horse’s ration. It keeps the digestive system running smoothly and is the main ingredient for your horse’s good health. Forage is not only an important source of fibre – it also provides energy. But forage alone is not enough. Today, a horse does not get enough vitamins and minerals from forage alone, so supplementation is needed. There are several ways to ensure that horses get enough vitamins and minerals. This can be done through balancers or through concentrates. In this article, we take a closer look at Cavalor feeds as a supplement to forage.

Want to read more about roughage and forage? For example, about the different types of forage, how much roughage your horse needs and more. Then check out our dossier with all our articles on roughage and forage. You will also read about the usefulness of forage analysis and find a handy step-by-step plan for calculating your horse’s weight. Click here for the forage dossier.

At a glance: the nutrition triangle

Before we dig deeper into our feeds: are you already familiar with the nutrition triangle? We find this to be a useful visual aid to show the order and proportions in your horse’s ration. The bigger the segment in the triangle, the more of it your horse needs. The nutrition triangle consists of the following parts:

  • Water (everything else comes afterwards)
  • Fibre (forage as a basis)
  • Concentrate feed (for energy, vitamins and minerals through balancers or concentrates)
  • Supplements (for specific support)


At Cavalor, our focus is on good health, inside and out. This is why we add an extra layer to the triangle, and that’s care. Around the triangle we find two more important factors: exercise and rest. Horses need physical activity; they are naturally active animals and need rest to recover. Every horse benefits from a well-constructed (training) schedule with sufficient alternation between exercise and rest. The work does not have to be strenuous; relaxed exercise is also exercise.

The layers of the nutrition triangle are closely linked to one another. It forms the basis for a good feed ration for your horse. The answers to many nutrition-related questions are found in this basis. Our products can only really do their job if the basis of (feed) management is properly observed. To draw a comparison, we often say: there’s no point in buying expensive creams or supplements to boost your health if you eat at McDonald’s every day. In other words, a basic ration (water, forage, concentrate feed) with good and healthy products is the start for a healthy and happy horse.  

We love muesli

How do we ensure good and healthy products? First, by always opting for quality (and making no compromises on it). In addition, all our products contain several active ingredients. For each formula, we look for combinations of ingredients that really make a difference. At Cavalor, you won’t find products with one single ingredient, such as biotin. This is because we do not believe in using one ingredient, but rather in the power of combinations of ingredients.

You may have already noticed that Cavalor’s feeds mostly come in the form of a muesli. We’re mad about mueslis – for several reasons, but above all for their structure and ingredients that you can see. Structure is the biggest advantage of muesli. It is good for the stomach and intestines. Did you know that one kg of muesli requires 900 chews, compared to 600 chews for one kg of pellets? So your horse has to chew muesli longer, eating slower and producing more saliva. Saliva contains sodium bicarbonate, a good buffer that neutralises excess stomach acid. In addition, with a muesli you can see what you are giving your horse: the individual raw materials are mostly clearly visible so you can see exactly what your horse is being fed.

Safe and healthy starch

If you look at our mueslis, you will see that they, among others, contain puffed grains and extrudates. Puffing and extruding is a processing method for grains. It unlocks the starch in the grains. This greatly improves the digestibility of the starch. It also promotes the absorption of other nutrients. This in turn reduces the risk of colic and – because of its higher digestibility – the amount of feed that’s needed.

Puffed grains and extrudates pass through the stomach and small intestine more slowly, giving the digestive enzymes more time to break down the feed. This means the horse can absorb more nutrients from the feed and the rapid release of sugar and starch is prevented. ‘Safe starch’, in other words. And very tasty: puffed grains have a very appealing smell and taste, so even the pickiest eaters love Cavalor.

All about Cavalor feeds

Cavalor makes many different feeds. Tailored to the horse’s needs, for any sport, life stage or special requirement. Choosing the right feed is not always easy, so we wrote an article on this topic which you can read here. This article will help you choose the right Cavalor feeds for your horse in 3 easy steps.

Starting with Cavalor? This is how you switch feeds!
  1. Feed as you need: first determine what feed and quantity is right for you and your horse. Did you know that, in just a few steps, you can get a feeding recommendation based on your needs? Use our online tool at Would you rather speak with an agent personally? Then submit your question to one of our Cavalor nutritionists via our Consumer Line +32(0)9 220 25 25 or email
  2. Horses are sensitive creatures. Switching from one type of feed to another should therefore be done gradually. A gradual transition is the formula to success. This allows the horse to get used to the taste and texture of the new feed. And that helps prevent digestive problems. How to switch over to a Cavalor feed in 10 days: each day, add small amounts of the new feed to the current feed. Over 10 days, increase the percentage each day until you are giving him 100% of the new feed.
  3. Are you switching from one Cavalor feed to another Cavalor feed that is similar? Then you can switch immediately. If you are switching to a completely different type, for example from FiberForce to SuperForce, we recommend doing so gradually.


TIP: Besides a gradual transition, we also recommend a course of Hepato Liq during the transition period to cleanse the organs. A course of Hepato Liq provides deep purifying of the liver and kidneys and supports proper elimination of waste products. The course lasts for 25 days. Give your horse the best possible start!

And here’s a bonus tip:

Timing of feeding

Horse owners often ask what to feed their horses, but when to feed is actually just as important. Nutrients are absorbed in different ways, which is why timing is essential. Regularity is key – give the horse small portions at regular intervals. Feed concentrates 1.5–2 hours before performance to obtain an energy spike at the right time. Feed high-fat and high-fibre concentrates for at least six to eight weeks to increase stamina. Feed forage as often as possible so that the digestive tract remains filled. A bit of forage before concentrate feed also improves digestion. The ideal timing for supplements will depend on the product. See our video on the timing of feeding below.

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