Coughing and the Essential Oils of Cavalor Bronchix.

Coughing and the Essential Oils of Cavalor Bronchix.

Breathing Difficulties & Coughing

Coughing must not be taken lightly. Coughing may lead to fatigue, trouble breathing, pain, impaired performance and increased risk of severe infection. That being said, suppressing the horse's cough is not the answer. Coughing can actually improve breathing by eliminating germs, dust and waste products caused by germs (mucus has been synthesized to trap germs) from the respiratory tract.

Aiming to make this reflex easier and more efficient is the solution. When the respiratory tract is cleared, the cough will stop naturally. Antibiotics will work on eliminating germs and are crucial in the case of severe infections, but as powerful as antibiotics may be, they will not have direct effects on coughing as they lack expectorating properties.

Essential Oils: Function & Properties

Today, essential oils are primarily used in animal feed because of their antimicrobial properties. Some essential oils have specific targeting characteristics. After being absorbed by the digestive system and having circulated in the blood, these essential oils are then secreted at the horse's lungs where their antiseptic activity can take place.

Properties associated with Essential Oils

  1.  Stimulates local immune defences (i.e. oregano).
  2. Fights against pathogenic germs. Oregano, eucalyptus and rosemary are
    known to possess strong antiseptic properties while complementing each other.
  3. Eucalyptus, pine and rosemary oils promote expectorating properties by thinning the mucus present in the airways and eliminating pathogenic germs.
  4. Softens the mucosa present in the airways
  5. Research shows that rosemary has an antispasmodic action on the muscles
    surrounding the ribcage. This action may decrease the risk of spasm caused by heavy coughing.
  6. Rosemary, oregano and lemon oils may improve the overall health of your horse.

In conclusion, specific properties in essential oils may help the horse fight against infections, coughing spasms and promote productive coughing to help eliminate the buildup of secretions or dry coughing to calm the respiratory tract. Some essential oils, such as oregano, may also have an effect on increasing the horse’s appetite, which may also promote faster recovery.

  • Cavalor Bronchix Pure is the product for you when you have niggling respiratory tract and breathing problems.
  • Cavalor Bronchix Liquid is the fastest solution for colds, "stable cough" and congestion. It also provides nutritional support for opening airways before an intense effort (clears the respiratory tract).





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