FEI signs partnership deal with equine nutrition brand Cavalor

FEI signs partnership deal with equine nutrition brand Cavalor

Cavalor has signed a deal to become the official nutrition partner of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and title partner of the FEI Best Groom Award.

A world leader in equine nutrition for high-performance horses, Belgium-based Cavalor is said to have helped thousands of horse owners and athletes achieve top-level performance through proper nutrition and care.

"Horse welfare is at the top of the agenda for both Cavalor and the FEI which makes this partnership a natural fit," Ralph Straus, the FEI's commercial director, said.

"With over 30 years of experience, Cavalor brings a wealth of equine nutrition knowledge to the table along with a strong brand reputation and we look forward to a productive working partnership."

At this year's FEI Awards Gala in Russia's capital Moscow, the Cavalor FEI Best Groom Award will be given to the person working behind the scenes to ensure the horses he or she looks after are given the best possible care. 

The United States' Lee McKeever, groom to four-time Olympian McLain Ward, was the recipient of last year's accolade.

The awards ceremony will honour the Cavalor FEI Best Groom as well as the winners in the other four categories – FEI Best Athlete, FEI Rising Star, FEI Against All Odds and FEI Solidarity.

It will be attended by more than 250 distinguished guests and athletes.

"Cavalor has a history of working with top athletes and their horses, and this partnership with the FEI now provides an opportunity to reach a more international audience," Lieselot Hamerlinck, managing partner of Cavalor, said.

"We believe in fostering long-term relationships and we know that together with the FEI we can bring our experience in this field to more people."

Cavalor's products are based on years of intense research and development, it is claimed, as well as the selection of the highest quality ingredients, strict manufacturing and quality control processes.

The company's name is trusted by leading athletes such as Germany's Simone Blum, who won the individual showjumping gold medal at the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon in the US and the FEI Best Athlete award at last year's FEI Awards Gala in Bahrain's capital Manama.

"As an elite athlete, I have benefited greatly from Cavalor’s expertise which has allowed me to fine tune my horses' nutritional programme," Blum said.

"Cavalor really understands the feeding requirements and needs of my competition horses, and I appreciate their holistic approach to equine care and welfare."

The nominations for the Cavalor FEI Best Groom Award will be shortlisted by the world governing body in each of the five categories and presented to a public vote and a panel of judges.

Voting is due to take place between September 25 and October 7.

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