What is EIPH?

What is EIPH?

Cavalor research indicates that EIPH occurs in as much as 95% of the race horses and up to 50% of top show jumping and eventing horses.



Commonly know as "bleeding" it is caused when the thin walls of the capillaries in the lungs rupture due to an increase in blood pressure.

This causes a release of blood into the lungs having a performance limiting effect.

Less than 5% of these horses will openly show bleeding from the nose.



Causes include age of the horse, airway inflammatory conditions, capillary pressure, the ride surface, training methods and conformation.

Prevention is important and all environmental factors should be considered including access to fresh, clean air. Exposure to dust, fungus, mould and other allergens should be avoided.

Nutrition directed towards an improvement in the elasticity of the capillaries and a support for the bodies own immune and anti-inflammatory processes should be considered.


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