It is not unusual for sports horses to be unable to perform at their best. We do not always think to check their lungs. A horse does not need to be showing clear symptoms, such as coughing, a runny nose or heavy breathing, but may have problems nonetheless. Yet scientific research shows that as many as 88% of sport horses exhibiting poor performance are suffering from inflamed airways1.


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Respiratory disorders such as pulmonary haemorrhage and asthma are common equine afflictions.

The reason? Horses are made to live outside. When we house them in a stable or box, we expose them to vast amounts of airborne particles. It has been scientifically proven that stabled horses are at higher risk of inflammation and other respiratory diseases.

Those particles contain organisms that thrive in warm, damp environments. Examples include fungi, bacteria and mites.

Poorly ventilated stables can also impact air quality, with higher levels of ammonia, pathogens and other substances. All these microorganisms constantly assault your horse’s immune system, leading to inflammation, infection and allergies.

Precisely because of your horse’s inefficient breathing, even a small respiratory tract infection can be enough to affect its performance and rapid recovery after hard work.



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