Found it Cheaper?

It's inevitable with online shopping that at sometime, somewhere you will find a product for a lower price.

We do keep an eye on prices and try to keep around the lowest level. We do NOT compete with EU based retailers as we pay the taxes first rather than leave it up to you to find out later!

Before you ask us to take a look at matching the price (which we are more than happy to do) please consider these points:

  1. Does it include FREE SHIPPING?
  2. Can you guarantee the item you are ordering has NEVER been sent to another customer and then RETURNED?
  3. Is the item IN STOCK?
  4. What would the BEST BEFORE date be like? We sell so much that you are pretty much guaranteed the longest shelf life on Cavalor sold in the UK. The average turnover of our stock is 45 days from delivery to dispatch.
  5. CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Do they know as much about Cavalor as we do? The wrong product could cost you far more than saving a few £'s
  6. SECURE DELIVERY - Everything we send goes through the Royal Mail or APC.

If the answer to all the above questions is YES then please contact us by email with the details and we will do our best to compete. 

Even if the answer is not yes we will look at each circumstance, but please remember it is important to compare like with like service. Especially regarding returns, tracking and stock levels.