Technical Glossary

Some of the more complicated words used in our products and information on why certain ingredients are used

Organic Yeast Extract

Used in Emergency 911

Rich in: glucomannans (GM) and mannanoligosacharides (MOS), to bind mycotoxines and help prevent damage to the gut. Yeast also helps block the colonization of pathogens.

B Vitamins

Used in Emergency 911 and Calm

To stimulate A immunoglobulins and beneficial bacterial growth (e.g. Bifidobacteria). Stimulates gut health proper digestive function and helps fight off bad bacteria.

Vitamins B1, B6, B12: In certain proportions, these vitamins give a calming effect.

Enzymes from Aspergillus oryzae

Used in Emergency 911

Break down proteins and starches and normalize the digestion.

Methionine & Choline Chloride

Used in Digest

The amino acid methionine to support the suggested benefit of supplementing this amino acid during mycotoxicosis. It contains choline chloride, which has a "methionine saving effect" and plays a role in fat metabolism.

Activated carbon and bentonites

Used in Digest

Activated carbon and bentonites  act as mycotoxin-binding agents by adsorption on their surface are included to reduce mycotoxin risk

Hydrolysed collagen

Used in joint supplements

Is the basis for articular cartilage and hyaline cartilage. It makes up 50% of all protein in cartilage and 85-90% of collagen of articular cartilage. Hydrolysed collagen provides strength to the joint tissue.


Used in joint supplements

Organic form of Sulphur. Sulphur is important for muscles, joints, cartilage, bones and the blood; MSM is the best absorbable and biologically available source of sulphur. MSM is known to prohibit inflammatory effects.

Glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, Hyaluronic acid

Used in joint supplements

Glycosaminoglycan are an important building block of ligaments, tendons, bones and synovia (synovial fluid).

Vitamin C

Used in joint supplements, Resist+C, An Energy Boost

Has an important anti-oxidant function and is important for the absorption of the active constituents.

Organic trace Minerals

Used in joint supplements

Play a role in the joint mechanism. Organic minerals are more bioavailable than inorganic.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

Used in joint supplements

Precursor for prostaglandins 1 and 3 which have an anti-inflammatory action.

Whey Protein Isolate

Used in joint supplements

A glutation precursor. Glutation is a very powerful anti-oxidant. Pure Glutation cannot be absorbed orally. Cavalor uses a nutrient complex called WPI that stimulates the production of Glutation in the body. Glutation protects the cells against destruction caused by increased free radicals attack. Glutation together with other antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, Bioflavonoiden and Se neutralise these free radicals.


Used in Calm

This amino acid, can decrease stress when given in the right proportions.


Used in Calm

Relaxes the muscles


Used in Electrolytes

Current research has shown that the horse may benefit from the presence of fructose. Fructose may promote the absorption and mobilisation of electrolytes.