Cavalor Electroliq Balance

The right ratio of liquid electrolytes for replenishment after sweating

Cavalor Electroliq Balance

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  • Maintains fluid balance
  • Positive influence on recovery and relaxation
  • Contains all the minerals that are lost through sweat, including sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, and calcium.

Cavalor Electroliq/Electrolyte Balance contains isotonic and isoelectric mineral salts. Isotonic and isoelectric products provide passive transport of electrolytes without requiring much energy from the body.

Each mineral is essential for numerous metabolic functions. Cavalor Electroliq Balance also tastes delicious for quick and easy electrolyte absorption. It also comes in a new, practical liquid form, in contrast to other products that are usually in powder form.

This liquid form makes it possible for it to be spread evenly over the feed so that nothing is left uneaten.

More information about this product can be found in the product data sheet. You can download this data sheet by clicking on “specifications”

Use Cavalor Electroliq Balance or Cavalor Electrolyte Balance on hot days, after hard workouts or during long transport periods. For optimal recovery after hard work, administer within 2 hours before work or immediately afterwards.

This electrolyte supplement can be added to 1 kg of easily digestible cereals (e.g.
Cavalor Mash & Mix) after performance. Always provide fresh drinking water.

Feeding recommendations for Cavalor Electrolyte Balance: Ponies and leisure horses: 30 ml per day | Sport horses: 50 ml per day

More about this product

Cavalor Electroliq/Electrolyte Balance provides the electrolytes needed for optimal recovery after hard workouts. Stress, intensive exercise, hot weather, or transport can cause a horse to dehydrate and lose important minerals.

As the horse’s body can’t store these electrolytes, it is important that they be replenished just before or immediately after a sweaty workout. Cavalor Electrolyte Balance and Cavalor Electroliq Balance are formulated to provide the right amounts of minerals for easy absorption.

The electrolytes in Cavalor prevent dehydration so that horses stay fresher, recover more quickly and better withstand longer periods of intense training, competition, and transport.


It is important that a horse’s electrolytes are in balance for it to stay healthy and perform well. This means that enough electrolytes must be taken in to compensate for those lost through sweat.

Does your horse have an electrolyte deficiency? This can cause severe cramping and muscle soreness, and slower recovery after exertion. Your horse loses electrolytes in sweat during exertion. The kidneys activate an electrolyte-saving mechanism to compensate for the loss. Recovery takes 2 to 3 days.

If your horse sweats frequently, its body may not always be able to compensate for electrolyte losses. In this case, supplemental electrolytes in feed are essential. The equine body is not able to store electrolytes. That’s why it’s important that they be provided at the right time.

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