Cavalor Lactatec Powder

Supplement to support muscle recovery and prevent stiff muscles

Cavalor Lactatec Powder

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  • Powder to optimise muscle function and postpone muscle fatigue
  • Helps keep your horse supple and fit for competition
  • Supports muscle recovery and prevents stiffness

Cavalor LactaTec is a multi-ingredient product that supports muscle activity, stimulates muscle recovery, and prevents muscle problems such as stiffness, damage, and fatigue in a variety of ways.

This allows the horse to give its best performance, especially during intense training periods or multi-day events. Cavalor LactaTec contains minerals such as sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg) and manganese (Mn) to counteract muscle tension and promote flexibility and endurance in the muscles. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, and B12 for better carbohydrate metabolism, nerve transmission, and oxygen supply to the muscles.

Cavalor LactaTec is a powerful antioxidant blend that creates a strong defence against free radicals with relatively low doses per ingredient. It prevents muscle acidosis and stiffness by neutralising lactate and restoring the acid-base balance.

Cavalor LactaTec contains whey proteins to help prevent muscle damage and with an ideal amino acid profile for quick and effective regeneration of damaged muscle cells. It also contains essential oils for extra muscle support.

More information about this product can be found in the product data sheet. You can download this data sheet by clicking on “specifications”

Mix 30 g into feed daily. In horses prone to severe acidosis, start with a 4-week regimen of Cavalor LactaTec, followed by 2 days before, during, and 1 day after competition or intense exercise. 1 measuring scoop = 15 g. Maximum 45 g per horse per day.

More about this product

Cavalor LactaTec supports optimum muscle performance at crucial moments and promotes speedy recovery, prevents muscle fatigue, and keeps your horse feeling supple.

Cavalor LactaTec is a complete supplement that supports muscle activity, stimulates muscle recovery and prevents stiffness, damage, and fatigue in a variety of ways.

It promotes efficient interaction in numerous metabolic processes, keeping muscles supple and able to convert energy effectively without side effects. This allows the horse to give its best performance during intense training periods or multi-day events.


Two common muscle problems are fatigue and tying up. The right feed and training lets you postpone fatigue, allowing your horse’s muscles to recover more quickly and also preventing tying up.

The right feed plan will match your horse’s diet to the nutrients it needs, and energy sources to the type of performance you need. For horses with sensitive muscles we also recommend a ration that’s higher in fat and fibre.

Such horses often benefit from a combination of Cavalor FiberForce and Cavalor Endurix.
Horses that perform short, explosive energy bursts, for example in jumping, need starch and sugars. The ideal feed for this is Cavalor Perfomix: it contains cereals like oats and wheat for high-energy peaks.

For sustained hard work, there is Cavalor Endurix: a high-fat feed to stimulate aerobic metabolism and delay muscle fatigue.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent product

Does what it says - takes about a week to start seeing difference.
I mix it in with water as product does bubble up for a minute and then settles down - when fed dry my horse struggles to eat it (no complaints on the taste though - horse seems to like it)

Elizabeth Hughes
Superb product

This product is an essential for multiple day shows or periods of intense training- the horses come out super loose and comfortable every session. Wouldn’t be without it! Another Cavalor essential for maintaining the horses to their very best.

Sara Bunch

I have notice a real difference using this product in the way t he horse recovered very quickly after harder training sessions, etc energy the following day but not hot or silly, just felt in herself recovered the following day up for more