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Cavalor LaminAid

Supplement for horses with sensitive hooves

Cavalor LaminAid

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  • Supplement to support delicate gut bacteria and hormonal and metabolic processes
  • Supports blood circulation and blood flow in the hoof
  • A unique, balanced combination of several essential oils including Eucalyptus globulus, Allium sativum, and Betula alba

Cavalor LaminAid is a unique, balanced combination of several essential oils including Eucalyptus globulus, Allium sativum, and Betula alba.

Each of these has its own specific structure, composition, and effect. Combined, they complement one another other with synergistic and powerful effects.

Cavalor LaminAid contains a unique combination of essential oils that are scientifically proven for long-lasting effect.

An appropriate feeding, care, and exercise plan is essential for best results.

More information about this product may be obtained on request

Per animal per day: Day 1: 2 x 50 ml.
Day 2 onwards: 2 x 25 ml per day.

For long-term use (30 days or longer): 2 x 10 ml per day. For best results, use in combination with Cavalor PodoSens.

More about this product

Cavalor LaminAid is recommended for horses with sensitive hooves. Cavalor LaminAid works on different levels in the body to holistically support internal systems.

It supports a horse’s delicate intestinal flora, hormonal and metabolic processes. Cavalor LaminAid also helps to support blood circulation and blood flow in the hoof.


Inflammation between the hoof wall and the coffin bone is usually the result of a metabolic disorder or metabolic problems and can be either chronic or acute.

Along with inflammation in the hoof, circulation problems in the foot where fluid accumulates.

As the hoof wall can only expand slightly, this accumulation is accompanied by severe pain. Horses try to relieve the pressure on the coffin bone by leaning back and shifting their weight to their heels.

Sometimes they even refuse to stand up. In severe cases, the coffin bone can come loose from the hoof wall and rotate. Such damage is irreversible and therefore prevention is absolutely crucial.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Lorraine Fitzpatrick

I find this product really good for my ponies feet

Sarah Nicholls

Love all products from this company, super efficient service - yes they are costly but I’ll suffer that blow for the customer service and quality of product, had a horse with mild laminitis so it was great to start managing this from the inside out! Bit stinky but horse didn’t mind, I used the syringe supplied, great idea with the plastic cap for easy administration into the syringe.
Would use again

Julie Holmes
Brilliant service!

Brilliant product, quick delivery. Will definitely order again soon!

Chloe Sadler
Pony suffers with Laminitis and has EMS

Since starting laminaid Henry has returned to 8 hrs turnout and now is back in just normal shoes. Very happy

Claire Doxey

Excellent product, can't believe the difference in such a short time