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Cavalor Pow'red Performance

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Cavalor Pow'red Performance

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  • Supplement to promote red blood cell production
  • Ensures maximum vitality and endurance
  • Ideal for prolonged exertion

To prepare horses for the competition season and support them during peak times, there is Cavalor Pow’Red Performance. This liquid feed supplement is packed with vitamins , minerals, and trace elements.

While not a direct source of energy, these do target specific tissues and systems in the body. They also ensure improved energy transport, promote rapid recovery after intense efforts and support the immune system.

Each ingredient helps give a horse the vitality to give its all, even during peak periods.

More information about this product can be found in the product data sheet. You can download this data sheet by clicking on “specifications”

Per day: ponies and young horses: 25 ml, sport horses: 50 ml

More about this product

Cavalor Pow’Red Performance supports the production of red blood cells and their circulation, thus ensuring maximum vitality and endurance.
Cavalor Pow’Red Performance is a delicious liquid feed supplement that helps active sport horses achieve and maintain top condition during periods of intense work.

It contains carefully selected vitamins and highly absorbable forms of iron that effectively increase the number of red blood cells. This brings more oxygen to the muscles for more efficient use of energy. Cavalor Pow’Red Performance also supports recovery and helps maintain vitality.


A fit horse has sufficient stamina, a strong, supple body and is energetic – qualities that are essential for training and competition. Make sure that your horse takes in energy corresponding to its needs.

Provide sufficient concentrate feed if your horse is in hard work, but no more than necessary. Moreover, do not confuse energy with stamina or temperament. A horse that is exhausted after just fifteen minutes does not have stamina.

And “hot” horses can also have too little energy. Is your horse suddenly tiring much faster or seeming less active? Then look for what may be the cause.

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Customer Reviews

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Hayley Clarke
Cavalor products

I am so pleased with all the products from cavalor,super value for money & most of all they work,arrive quickly & customer service & advice is spot on

Elizabeth Hughes

Effective tonic to effectively top up energy levels and stamina without the need to increase or over burden the hard feed ration.
Quickly ensures vitality and energy in work.

Great for a boost

My horse goes a little flat in the summer. This helps pep him up enough to be able to perform to the best of his ability. Use in conjunction with Kick Up for competition days.