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Cavalor FiberForce
Lisa Whitehead
Horse loves it, but a little pricey for me unfortunately

Feed looks great, my horse loves it. Unfortunately, too pricey for me

Marvellous stuff

My 5 year old came out of a wet winter looking poor and in need of a boost.

I was recommended wholegain, and it put weight on, a nice shiny coat, and her sensitive skin is much improved. It's uncomplicated feeding - Very impressed with the results.

She's also a hot little mare and it didn't seem to add fuel to the fire, she's been nice and calm on it.

Worth every penny!!

This is our 3rd big tub now and it has been a game changer - From the horse that had to be sedated by the vet because he wouldn’t calm down, to being back in light ridden work and chilled as a button. A full year out of work, but stumbled on this product by chance and after 3 months of using it I’ve been able to get back on with zero drama. I’ll always be extra careful but delighted to see him so happy again. Thank you for such a great product.

Miracle Paste!

After discussing my horses symptoms (unable to strike off right lead canter, disunited canter, lots of yawning, teeth grinding and pursed lips) with Gemma whilst on a treadmill session, she suggested it could be a gastric issue and to try the paste.
Within 3-4 days he was a different horse, no fidgeting, no yawning, and striking off right lead canter through his own choice on hacks!
Fast forward to the end of the course and he's got better and better. Have ordered the liquid Gastro Aid for the next stage. So happy to find something that has worked to get him comfortable without the expense of the medical route.

Cavalor Hepato Liq
Elizabeth McMillan
Improving your horse from inside out

I have used this product every spring, especially with older animals. I can see the Improvement in their coat in a few weeks and I know it must be helping every other aspect of their health.

The best

Best there is

Fed up with emails asking for a review!

Fed up with emails asking for a review!

Cavalor LaminAid
Lorraine Fitzpatrick

I find this product really good for my ponies feet


Only thing that has seemed to work for my horses sweet itch. Hardly scratches. Very happy with product

best meal ever used use on older horse who got bit picky service i get fantastic

Cavalor Probreed Mix
Ellie Alexandra Wray
Ballerina the Broodmare

My beautiful retired mare. I wouldn’t be without pro-breed, she finds it hard to keep condition and at 7 months she looks fabulous and is having all the nutrients she and her foal needs

Cavalor FreeBute Gel
Teresa Argyle
Great Product

FreeBute Gel from Cavalor Direct green company to deal with the product doing exactly what it says helping swelling ligament and tendons. I use not only on my horse but also on myself.

Amazing on our stallion!

It really has made a difference to our stallion! Highly recommend!

Delivery was prompt, and really great customer service. Highly recommend 👍

Cavalor Nutri Plus

Second order of this balancer and my horse is looking and feeling great! Really pleased with the results so far and I’m confident she is getting everything she needs. Cavalor Direct has the most amazing customer service.

Cavalor ProScent
christine coulombe
in love

in love with this product . smell clean .refresh sent horse will buy again so not hesitate to buy for your horse

Cavalor WholeGain
Tracey Jordan
Wow Wow Wow

What an unbelievable product... and you can see the difference is such a short space of time. I had a leggy 3 yr old that was looking on the lean side and in 2 weeks his coat was shiny and he had started to put weight back on. I didn't have to pump him full of huge feeds just gently increase his feed with the wholegrain and the results were amazing. Highly recommend.

Been giving this to my young mare who is very sharp and opinionated, she’s been more settled and riding very well

Cavalor Vitaflora
Lizzy Gray

Brilliant service, my horses look and feel great

Brilliant service, just started using this on my older mare, she feels great so far

Arrived on time, excellent communication.


Its only been 14 day on this supplement but we can already see the difference in him, we are so looking forward to seeing him improve on this supplement, and moving forwith trying out different supplements for all our horses.

Cavalor Bronchix

It helped a little and reduced the cough but unfortunately my mare still has a cough.

Cavalor Perfomix
Warren Clarke
Fantastic feed

Top quality feed , an asset to any professional yard,
Highly recommended