Is my Horse a High Performance Horse?

Is my Horse a High Performance Horse?


High performance horses are often defined as those competing at the very highest levels. Nothing could be further from the truth. High performance horses are horses performing at a level that is challenging for them.

This involves work that requires extra effort from their bodies and increases the need for certain nutrients. Think of antioxidants that protect the organism from overload, or B vitamins that support energy metabolism. These are the real athletes – horses who go to extremes week after week to fulfil the dreams of their riders

“Top athletes are always striving for perfection.”

They will go to extremes to achieve their goals. It’s all about performance and pushing yourself to the limit. That means not only giving everything for that one moment in time, but also being prepared as partners and making sure your horse is as ready as you are. Because a horse that feels good performs better.

Are you also a top athlete, and do you want to achieve great things with your horse?


Cavalor understands this.

Because healthy and balanced nutrition is essential, Cavalor has created a range specifically for ‘high performance horses’ to provide our top athletes with the best possible support at peak times.

These supplements meet the increased needs of sport horses at critical peak times. Although horses have enormous athletic ability and are capable of extremely strenuous work, the physical impact can be enormous. Think of all the energy that must be released quickly, the pressure exerted on the muscles and joints, and the toxins that must be eliminated.

Top performance is the result of many internal processes going on at once. The supplements in this range help your horse go that extra mile.

Because it’s the little things that help give you the edge.